domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

The children who plants trees

Once upon a time, so far away, behind the rainbow, there was a little land where only children lived, only ten children. Five boys and five girls. All the boys had a tree names such as: Pine-tree, Eucalyptus, Holly, Elder-tree and sândalo. All the girls had a flower name like: Poppy, Rose, Orchid, Jasmin and Waterlilly.

The nature was their best frind an when something destroyed it,some diseases awheared in the little children.

One day, a terrible storm destroyed all the trees and all the plants in the land behind the rainbow.

All the children got sick: Orchid and Jasmin couldn´t hear more. Waterlilly and Rose couldn´t talk, Sândalo and Eucalyptus couldn´t walk, and Poppy and Holly could not stop crying, but the Elder-tree and Pine-tree had an idea."Let´s go plant trees-they told the other children. And the little gruop started planting a lot of trees, a lot of plants and a lot of love. While they were planting, they started feeling better, and in the little land behind the rainbow, piece and love for the Nature rinewed.

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